PJs are A-OK during National Pajama Day on May 1st

May 1st marks not only the first day of May, but a holiday that most of us would be happy to celebrate—National Pajama Day.

Haven’t heard of it? Well, that may be because this will only be the third time the holiday has been celebrated since starting in 2010. But who wouldn’t welcome a day spent lounging around in your comfy PJs?!

I am sure that more than a handful of us have wished to greet the day by just rolling out of bed and heading to work or school in our pajamas. At my kids’ school, they actually have an annual pajama day during which kids wear their sleepwear to school and bring a blanket or favorite stuffed animal to use while watching a movie.

Participants on this untraditional, but fun holiday are encouraged to chill out, proudly don their favorite pair of pajamas, and enjoy life with a new calmer perspective. In other words, this holiday is all about relaxation.

But here’s a question for you: Do you have some pajamas worthy of wear on National Pajama Day? If not, you may need to get some. Thankfully BedHead Pajamas combines comfort and style with their extensive selection of PJs for the entire family. Founded by designer Renee Claire Bertrand, she applied her hand of expertise in designing dresses and outerwear to create sleepwear that looks and feels good. Providing options that incorporate sophistication and fine tailoring, BedHead Pajamas has taken the market by storm with their seasonal collections that are designed in-house by Renee.

Not only do BedHead Pajamas look and feel good, they also support a good cause: Project Esperanza, a non-profit organization in South-Central Los Angeles that offers affordable housing and other life necessities to local residents. Twenty percent of each selected pajama purchase from BedHead Pajamas is dedicated to supporting Esperanza in their mission. The company also posts available job openings with Esperanza, providing a high quality job opportunity for local residents.

BedHead Pajamas was named Best Overall Pajamas in 2006 by The Wall Street Journal for their luxurious feel, ease of wear, and wrinkle-free, polished appearance. Women’s pajamas come in an assortment of fabrics, including cotton, knit, flannel, and luxe. In addition to pajamas, BedHead Pajamas offers lounge wear, robes, gowns, and nightshirts for women. The men’s selection offers PJ sets, robes, boxers, shorts, and tees. They also feature selections for youth from babies to tweens. Complete your comfortable experience with BedHead’s cozy accessories, including slippers, booties, candles, and furry hot water bottles.

If you are looking for pajamas that are uniquely you, consider the BedHead Zodiac Classic Pajama, crisp, tailored sleepwear customized with your Zodiac sign on the front pocket. To truly live in the season, check out BedHead’s fresh Spring 2012 Americana Collection filled with fun and easygoing styles that shout of bright spring shades and patterns. Prices drop when you view BedHead’s Sale section with many selections slashed at almost half off.

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National Pajama Day is a great excuse to invest in a new pair of comfy pajamas that will serve you well not only on this relaxing holiday, but all year round. Here’s to rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation!

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