Cook Up a Fantastic Father’s Day with Omaha Steaks

June is the first official month of summer, and it is also makes us think of Father’s Day on the third Sunday. With Father’s Day coming up on June 17th, now is the time to start thinking about what to get dear ol’ Dad.

Buying for Father’s Day always seems a little more difficult than for Mother’s Day, but it need not be. Many shoppers get intimidated by the process, but what they really need to do is stop and discover more about their dad. Getting to know someone better will provide you with valuable clues as to what gift will make their day and show how much that you care. Think beyond the necktie or tools this year to ponder what your dad likes, what hobbies he has, and what activities that he enjoys doing. Chances are, you will think of all kinds of new and creative ideas for presents if you take the time. Don’t be afraid to consult mom, other relatives, or even your father’s friends for their input.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 79.1 million barbecued in 2010. Grilling is a popular activity that many men enjoy, particularly in the summertime. If you are looking for a gift idea that aims to please this Father’s Day, why not indulge his love of grilling by providing quality meats from Omaha Steaks?

Omaha Steaks knows how to do gift-giving right with their large selection of premium steaks, burgers, poultry, pork, brats, and roasts. These are not the standard cuts of meat found at the local grocery store. Based out of Omaha, NE, this family business has been serving both industrial and consumer markets since their founding in 1917. Omaha Steaks is known for top-notch quality in both their product line and their service.

I have used them on many occasions both for my own household as well as for gifts. In fact, last Christmas everyone received the gift of good taste in the form of the Deluxe Holiday Collection from Omaha Steaks, which included filet mignon, sirloin, jumbo franks, steak burgers, stuffed baked potatoes, and chocolate lover’s cake.  As you can see, Omaha Steaks has more than just meat.  They have an astonishing selection of appetizers, sides, snacks, sauces, seasonings, glazes, and desserts to delight the palate of your gift recipient. All items are delivered frozen to ensure maximum freshness and safety.

If you want to provide a gift that Dad will truly enjoy this Father’s Day, consider some of the special assortments perfect for the occasion, like the Dad Pack that includes 4 Top Sirloins, 6 Burgers, and 6 Stuffed Baked Potatoes.  Or set him up for the cookout of a lifetime with the Perfect Barbeque collection, which offers 4 Sirloins, 4 Boneless Pork Chops, 2 Stuffed Sole with Scallops and Crabmeat, 8 Franks, 4 Boneless Chicken Breasts, and 4 Stuffed Baked Potatoes.

Give the gift of good eats that will not be easily forgotten. Omaha Steaks knows how to treat your dad right this Father’s Day—let them provide the gift so that you can take all of the credit.

Find out more about Omaha Steaks on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and their Steakbytes blog.

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