Smart Shopping Guide Series: What to Buy on Mondays

Earlier in the month, we talked about how April is a good time to buy sneakers, according to Lifehacker’s The Best Time to Buy Anything During the Year. By shopping according to season and month, you can snag some significant deals. But did you know that even the day you shop on may make a difference? It’s true. There are certain weekdays when you can expect better deals on particular items.

If you are in the market for electronics, Monday can be an ideal day to buy. We all know about Cyber Monday following Black Friday in November, but Mondays year-round can often bring better electronic deals. Why? Mondays are when manufacturers may apply their rebates and discounts to such desirable items as TVs, computers, video games, and cameras. Then those reductions get passed along to the end consumer.

If you are booking a flight, major airlines announce airplane ticket sales on Monday night. It can pay to be aware of this trend and pay attention to catch a deal, whether you book late Monday or into Tuesday.

Restaurants often offer coupons that are good during the week rather than the weekend, like Chili’s.  If you choose to eat out, it is easier to get a nice deal during the week, when many restaurants want to encourage diners to come in and therefore offer tempting promotions and specials.

Monday may be a good day to buy a car, as you may be able to get a sweet deal due to motivated sales people who were not able to meet their sales goals over the weekend. You will also find fewer customers shopping than over the weekend. Mondays are an especially good day to buy at the end of September, October, and November, when dealerships have a lot of old inventory to move.

Investing experts claim that Monday may be the best time to take on new stocks. Patterns over time seem to indicate a drop in stocks on Mondays, whether it is due to bad news over the weekend or an overall gloomy mood by investors. Whatever the reason, you may be able to snag a deal on stocks purchased on Mondays.

By being cognizant of when the best times to buy are, you can add to your overall savings, especially when you combine online shopping with your membership.

Here’s to fewer manic Mondays and more money-saving Mondays!

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