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Smart Shopping Guide Series: What to Buy on Fridays

We have reached the end of the week and the beginning of all things good! Almost everybody loves Friday, because it is the start of the weekend. But we are going to give you a few more reasons to love … Continue reading

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How to Save on Moving Costs

If you’re preparing to move this fall, congratulations — and not just on finding a new place.  By staying put during the summer (peak season for moving companies and rental companies to charge higher prices), you may have already saved … Continue reading

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How to Save on Sports Equipment

Whether your kids are playing sports in school or in a local league, equipping them for athletic endeavors can be an expensive proposition (especially if they have Olympic dreams), and those costs are unlikely to drop any time soon.  Serious … Continue reading

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5 Tactical Tips to Save on School Supplies

For some kids, school is already back in session, while for others, it will commence immediately following Labor Day. Whether your kids are back in school or just preparing to head back, a new school year means the need for … Continue reading

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How to Save on Dog Care

“The one absolutely unselfish friend that a man can have in this selfish world, the one that never deserts him and the one that never proves ungrateful or treacherous is his dog,” George Graham Vest argued during his “Eulogy on … Continue reading

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5 Savvy Tips to Save on Clothes for Back to School

To save money on all of your back to school clothing needs, make sure to utilize the tips shared in this blog post and your membership to optimize your school time savings factor. Continue reading

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How to Save on Swimming Pool Costs

On a sweltering summer day, swimming pools offer an oasis of soothing relief from the blazing sun and soup-like humidity.  If you’re taking a dip in someone else’s pool, there’s very little downside (assuming you’re comfortable in a bathing suit).  … Continue reading

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