Smart Shopping Guide Series: Top Products to Buy in October

It is officially fall. October brings the true influence of autumn, including falling leaves and temperatures and days that continue to decrease in length and light. Halloween rewards us at the end of the month with fun times and treats that are hard to resist. Along with all of these seasonal changes throughout October, you may also find price changes on items that you want or need to purchase.

Before we move onto to October’s deals, let’s review the previous installments in our Smart Shopping Guide Series:

If you failed to get all of the planting done that you wanted to in your garden, it may not be too late. Fall can be an excellent time to plant perennials. You know those daffodils that you see others have that herald the arrival of spring? Or tulips that seem to sing of Easter time? Plant them now to enjoy them later. You will find sale prices on bulbs, bushes, and shrubs that you still have time to get in the ground and get rooted before the harsh winter freeze. You can also stock up on plants that can be kept indoors until the weather improves, particularly if you have a greenhouse to utilize, and then they can be transplanted outside in the spring. You will thank yourself come springtime.

It’s time to store away those shorts and stock up on denim, including jeans. October brings a reduction in prices on clothes that may have been brought in for back-to-school time. In addition to jeans, look for jean jackets and shirts, along with other casual apparel that can take you through fall and winter.

We are into the 4th quarter of the year, and car dealerships really want to sell the current year’s models or even unsold models from last year. Look for seriously slashed prices on the models that remain. According to Forbes, you should be able to find savings of 10-20% off. Instead of splurging on a 2014 vehicle, save yourself some big bucks by getting a 2013 car that is almost as new.

For once, procrastination may pay off when it comes to Halloween costumes. As the time gets closer, retailers may offer Halloween costumes and other holiday-related items at reduced prices, since they do not want to store them for another year. If you want to get some serious savings, you may want to think ahead for next year and buy a costume as soon as Halloween gear goes on clearance.

October is open enrollment for many health insurance plans, so if you want a new plan, now may be the time to consider your options. Shop around for the best deal, even if your insurance is provided by your employer. Look for the plan that meets your individual health needs, taking note of co-pays, deductibles, co-insurance, referral requirements, and coverage limitations.

October is still considered part of the Broadway off-season, so it is still a good time to purchase tickets to see a production that you have been wanting to experience.

Planning a wedding? As we get closer to winter and the holidays, prices may be reduced, since many brides want to be married in spring or summer. You can normally get a reduction on reservations for this time of the year, as well as wedding supplies, so you may want to plan ahead and buy what you need now. Use the time of year to your advantage as you plan and prepare for your upcoming nuptials.

Stock up on warm-weather supplies that continue to go on clearance, like outdoor grills, air conditioner units, and fans. You may still be able to find some patio furniture that you can snag at a serious discount and store until warm temperatures return.

And, last but not least, look for early holiday sales. You may be able to get good discounts without the holiday rush by shopping now. Start your holiday shopping list, and shop selectively. This can also be a good way to keep your budget in check and avoid holiday debt that is all too common — shopping slowly over a couple of months can allow you to pace your spending.

There’s plenty of ways to save throughout the month of October, especially when you combine the deals mentioned above with your membership.

Here’s to frugal fall days!

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