Spring Cleaning: 3 Tips to Freshen Your Space without Cleaning Out Your Wallet

For many, it’s been a long winter. But we are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel, and with that comes the drive for spring cleaning.

Spring is a great time to clean up the dirt and grime that has accumulated all winter. It’s also a good time to clean out clutter that may have accumulated over the cold months. Spring’s weather — not too hot, not too cold — makes the season ideal for getting caught up on some household duties.

Cleaning requires supplies, so we’re going to share some of our best tips for cleaning on a budget.

Thrifty Tips to Clean Out Your Space, Not Your Wallet

  1. Make your own cleaning products. Buying all of those cleansers, sprays, wipes, and gadgets can be costly. Although you can save some money by using coupons and taking advantage of spring sale prices, you can save even more by making your own cleaning products from items that you already have around the house. Vinegar, olive oil, lemon juice, bleach, rubbing alcohol, ammonia, and water are just a few examples of items that you have around the house that can be used when cleaning. Re-use previously bought containers to mix up your own cleaning supplies.
  2. Buy in bulk and concentrate. Cleaning supplies are something that you know you will use over time, so it’s safe to stock up. Find bulk cleaning supplies at your local grocery store, mass merchandiser, wholesale warehouse club, dollar store, home improvement store, janitorial supply, or office supply center. Look for sale prices and make sure to check the price per unit to ensure that you are actually saving by buying in bulk. Another option is to purchase concentrated cleansers that can be diluted at home. Instead of buying spray cleansers, I buy a large bottle of all-purpose cleaner that I can dilute with water and pour into reusable spray bottles.
  3. Multi-purpose your products. One of my favorite ways to save money on cleaning is by purchasing products that can be used in multiple areas of the home for numerous cleaning purposes. Cleaning wipes have many uses, both inside and outside the home. As mentioned, I buy multi-purpose cleansers in large bottles that can be diluted in a bucket for mop water, diluted in spray bottles for targeted cleaning, or used right from the container for spot cleaning. A cleaning powder like Comet can be used to clean sinks, bathtubs, and even toilet bowls. A bucket can be used to hold mop or rag water while cleaning, and later it can corral all of your cleaning products to make going room-to-room and storing your supplies simple.

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Spring cleaning is a time to make your surroundings new, clean, and fresh. With a little bit of care, you can renew your home without spending a fortune.

Don’t forget to share these spring cleaning tips with your budget-savvy friends! Happy spring cleaning!

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