Bathing Suit Season: Find a Suit that Suits You Sans Overspending

Memorial Day marks the unofficial start of summer, and you know what that means … bathing suit season! Although a day at the beach sounds heavenly to most of us, a day at the stores shopping for a bathing suit sounds quite the opposite.

We’re here to help you skip the hassle by sharing some tips for finding a bathing suit that works without draining your patience or pocketbook.

3 Savvy Tips for Bathing Suit Shopping on a Budget

  1. Know your body style, and shop accordingly. It’s so easy to get tricked by seeing a bathing suit on a clothes rack or mannequin or in a photo that looks great. However, it will end up being just another spending mistake if you don’t figure out what your body type is and what type of suit flatters your shape. Whatever bathing suit you get, you want it to flatter your body type, whether you are an hourglass, apple, pear, rectangle, or triangle. If you have problem areas or parts of your body that you want to emphasize or minimize, the right bathing suit tailored to your body shape will do the trick.
  2. Shop by fit, not brand. Although it’s tempting to  purchase swimwear made by famous designers or featuring brand names, they may not always be the best option. Instead of concerning yourself with brand names, focus on the fit instead. You may be able to find a $30 option that fits better than a $300 bathing suit. Remember that ultimately people are going to be impressed with how the suit looks on you, not the tag or designer’s name attached to it.
  3. Extend the life of your bathing suit with proper care. Once you find a bathing suit that looks really good on you, it only makes sense to take excellent care of it. Proper care can save you money by allowing your swimwear to last for years. Soaking the suit in vinegar before the first wear, rinsing it out before and after you swim, hand-washing it using cool water, and air drying it can help to prolong the life of your bathing suit. Try to keep sunscreens away from your suit’s fabric in order to reduce adverse effects to the color. Allows You to Swim in Savings All Summer Long

Now that you have some tips to help you save when it comes to purchasing and preserving a bathing suit, we’re going to share some resources that can save you money. Whenever you want to save, you should use your membership to score free shipping, exclusive savings and coupons, and 5% cash back.

Victoria's Secret Logo

Make your summer sizzling when you check out Victoria’s Secret’s selection of bathing suits guaranteed to make you look hot. Known primarily for their undergarments, Victoria’s Secret also has an attractive assortment of swimwear. Most styles are targeted to the more daring at heart, but they also have some sassy one-piece bathing suits to fit a variety of body styles.

SwimSuits for All Logo

Tired of not finding your size? Search in vain no more when you shop They specialize in plus size swimwear in all sorts of styles, including one pieces, bikinis, tankinis, and swim dresses. You can shop by style, size, or silhouette to find your perfect fit. You will find bathing suits that will make you love your curves.

Woman Within Logo

Feel comfortable in your skin when you shop Woman Within to find your swimwear. Woman Within specializes in clothing for women sizes 12w to 44w. They offer an extensive selection of plus-size swimwear to suit any body type. Their focus on not only fit, but comfort and value will leave you looking and feeling great without spending more than necessary. Get help picking out the perfect suit with their Swim FIT for you tool.

Don’t dread bathing suit season — embrace it! Follow the tips we’ve shared with you and take advantage of the savings to be had when you shop our registered retailers.

Also don’t forget to share this blog post with other ladies who could use help finding summer swimwear that fits their body shape and budget.

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