Show Your Gratitude: 3 Frugal Tips to Save Money on Thanksgiving Hostess Gifts

ThanksgivingGift_mainWith Thanksgiving around the corner, it’s time to solidify your holiday plans. Will you be going to your parents’ house? Your in-laws’? Your friend’s? Regardless of where you will chowing down for the big day, you’ll want to plan ahead to say thanks for their hospitality. A Thanksgiving hostess gift is a great way to show your gratitude. We have some tips to share with you about how to say thanks without strapping your budget.

3 Ways to Show Your Thankfulness on a Budget

  1. ThanksgivingGifts_RightParticipate in a Thanksgiving potluck. Combine the best of both worlds by bringing a dish to Thanksgiving dinner. Other options could include a bottle of wine, desserts, or appetizers. The item will come in handy for the hostess, while keeping your budget in check.
  2. Create a basket of thanks. Instead of purchasing an expensive gift basket, why not personalize it by making your own? It’s so easy to do and can be a lot cheaper than buying a pre-made one. Get a basket, bowl, or container; fill it with fruit, nuts, drinks, spirits, meats, cheeses, crackers, etc.; wrap it with cellophane; and attach a gift tag. It’s that easy!
  3. Flowers can be frugal and festive. When looking for a Thanksgiving hostess gift, consider flowers. They can be relatively inexpensive and will add festivity to the occasion. If you have chrysanthemums in your yard or outside your home in potted baskets, consider bringing those. Or check your local grocery store for bouquets on sale.

Gobble Down the Savings this Thanksgiving with

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GourmetGiftBaskets_logoNeed the perfect Thanksgiving hostess gift? has ideal options. Find gift baskets perfect for the occasion when you check out their Thanksgiving selection. Ready to start your Christmas shopping? They can help you with that, too. Get a head start on holiday shopping when you review their selection of Christmas gift baskets. You will also find corporate gifts, wine gifts, and care packages to suit all of your gift-giving needs.

Uncorked_logoFew things go better with the holidays than the gift of wine. prides itself on being “home of the world’s greatest wines.” You will find wine for every occasion and budget. Looking for wine gifts? You will find them in abundance on, including gift sets and gift baskets. If you need help showing your gratitude, their assortment of Thank You Gifts will steer you in the right direction. You can never go wrong with wine gifts.

Don’t forget to share this blog post to help your family and friends this holiday. We wish a happy, healthy, and safe Thanksgiving holiday to you and yours! 🙂

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Hot Eats: 5 Sizzling Strategies to Save Money on Winter Barbecues

Dental_mainJust because the weather has gotten cool does not mean your love for barbecue food has to cease. In fact, there are some people, like my cousin, who barbecue outdoors all year round. It’s a great way to avoid mess in the kitchen. You can cook a variety of foods at the same time. And barbecuing can help you to keep the spirit of summer alive all winter long.

5 Ways to Save on Winter Barbecuing

  1. BBQ_RightGrill once for numerous meals. Instead of firing up the grill on a daily basis, it will cost you less to fire it up once and get a few meals accomplished. Remember that cold weather forces your barbecue to work harder when heating up, so it just makes sense to use it as much as possible when it’s ready to go.
  2. Check the sales papers for meat on sale. Don’t feel the need to purchase overly expensive cuts of meat. Rather, look for what’s on sale each week, and take advantage of the discounted prices. It can also add variety to your meals by allowing you to partake of various proteins.
  3. Keep your grill indoors or undercover. Winter weather can be rough on your barbecue. You can minimize winter’s damaging effects by storing your grill inside your garage or storage shed. If you must keep it outside, invest in a weatherproof cover to help protect your grill from the elements.
  4. Maintain your grill. Do you want to extend the lifespan of your barbecue grill? It’s very important to keep your grill clean and in good condition. Make sure to scrape your grill while it’s still warm and then dispose of the debris. You may also want to wipe it down to get rid of grease and residue from previous cookouts.
  5. Bone-in is friendly on your budget. Although boneless cuts of meat can be highly desirable, they can also be more expensive. Grill protein with the bones still in to find significant savings. More inexpensive cuts of meat can be just as tasty when cooked on the barbecue. Can Provide Sizzling Savings All Winter Long

No need to leave your budget out in the cold when it comes to winter barbecues — or anything else for that matter. With a membership, you can enjoy 10% cash back, free shipping, exclusive coupons and discounts, and a search tool that offers you instant price comparisons on any item sold through our cash-back network of over 1,000 top online retailers.

_ChicagoSteakCompany_logoLooking for the finest beef to throw on your grill? Look no further that our cash-back participating retailer c. Since 2007, they’ve been supplying customers with premium cuts of corn-fed, aged USDA prime beef. Whether you’re interested in filet mignon, strip steak, T-bone, or porterhouse steaks, Chicago Steak Company will not disappoint. Order now for your upcoming holiday meals. They even offer turkey, ham, poultry, and desserts to address all of your meal needs.

It may seem bizarre to barbecue during winter, but for some people, it’s an enjoyable and regular part of life. The tips above can help you to save money while enjoying delicious grilled food all winter long.

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Saving Green on Your Pearly Whites: 5 Ways to Save Money on Dental Care

Dental_mainIt makes financial sense to take good care of your teeth. Dental work can cost you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars, so if it can be avoided, you should make all reasonable attempts to do so. If you’re looking to save some coin when taking care of your teeth, we’ve put together a few ways to keep your teeth and wallet healthy.

5 Tips for Healthy Teeth on a Budget

  1. Dental_RightStay on top of hygiene. Let’s talk preventative here. By being proactive, you can save a boatload of money at the dentist’s office. Simple daily tasks like brushing, flossing, using mouthwash, and chewing sugarless gum can help keep your teeth in tip-top shape, preventing the need for costly procedures.
  2. Nip potential problems in the bud. Know that you have a cavity starting to form? Are your teeth beginning to look crooked? It’s normally cheaper to fix a problem earlier rather than later, so don’t delay if you think there’s an issue arising. Be sure to ask your dental provider if the issue is time-sensitive.
  3. Pay all at once and/or in advance. Looking for a discount? Many dental providers offer a reduction if you pay for dental work prior to it being performed or if you pay the entire balance all at one time. You can normally expect about 5-10% off, but consult with your dental provider for their policy.
  4. Look for coupons, deals, and discounts. If you’re planning to go to the dentist, keep your eyes open for potential ways to save. Check the newspaper inserts or mail for introductory offers. Daily deal websites like Groupon or LivingSocial may feature reduced price opportunities.
  5. Go back to school. Vocational schools are a great resource for getting the services you require at budget-friendly rates. Dental school students can offer many dental services for less as they train under instructors.

Following these frugal tips will help you to keep your teeth in premium shape while keeping your budget in check. Can Provide Dental Hygiene at a Discount

When you’re looking to save, should be the resource you rely on every single time. You’re always a winner when you use your membership to enjoy 10% cash back, free shipping, exclusive coupons and discounts, and a search tool that offers you instant price comparisons on any item sold through our cash-back network of over 1,000 top online retailers.

GUMBrand_logoIn our first tip, we discussed the importance of preventative maintenance to keep your teeth healthy and to avoid expensive dental procedures. Our registered retailer GUM Brands can help you to do just that. They have supplies for all of your dental hygiene needs, including toothbrushes, floss, travel oral care, and more.

Do you know someone who can use some savvy tips to save more on dental care? Be a pal and share this post with them. They’ll thank you for it!

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Prep for Winter’s Chill: 3 Tips to Save Money on Winter Preparations

WinterPrep_mainIt may still be fall, but that simply means that winter is right around the corner. Have you started to prepare for winter’s cool chill? There are a number of tasks that you should take on now to avoid problems later. We’ll tell you how to get them accomplished for less.

3 Thrifty Tips to Get Ready for Winter

  1. WinterPrep_RightDo it yourself. Sure, you can pay someone to help you prepare your house or car for winter, but why spend the money if you don’t need to? Get an instructional book or watch some online videos to help you learn how to service your heater or winterize your vehicle.
  2. Bring tools and chemicals indoors. This is a really simple one, but it can save you big money and does not cost a thing to accomplish. Instead of leaving your tools outdoors to rust or crack or your household chemicals to freeze and be ruined, bring them into a more temperate environment where they’ll be protected from the elements.
  3. Keep warm on a budget. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars buying winter clothes, check your home inventory to see what you already have. Layers are an excellent way to stay warm all winter long. If you must buy clothing, consider doing so at local thrift stores or consignment shops — you will get what you need for less.

Just like animals nest, now is the time to prepare yourself for winter’s cold days to come. With the tips presented above, you can save on your preparations and all winter long. Will Keep Your Wallet from Freezing Up

Want to keep your wallet warm this winter? Sign up for a membership that provides hot savings. You will enjoy 10% cash back, free shipping, exclusive coupons and discounts, and a search tool that offers you instant price comparisons on any item sold through our cash-back network of over 1,000 top online retailers.

negotiating_Timberland_logoOne of those retailers is Timberland, a New England company dedicated to producing rugged and comfortable clothes and gear designed for those interested in making a difference. Whether you need outerwear, boots, luggage, or accessories, Timberland has the quality items to last through many harsh winters to come.

negotiating_Sorel_logoIf you don’t have a serious pair of boots to deal with all of the snow, ice, and cold temperatures that winter will sling at you, now’s the time to get shopping. Check out Sorel, a retailer from Canada, where they know a lot about both cold and quality. They have a full selection of functional and comfortable boots, as well as slippers to keep you cozy indoors.

Winter is on its way, but that’s no reason to dismay! Want to help someone else prepare for all that winter will bring? Be a pal and share this blog post with them.

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5 Savvy Tips to Save Money by Negotiating


Are you interested in saving money in a way you may not have previously thought of? Have you considered negotiating your way to savings? Negotiating involves making a deal, bargaining, or coming to an agreement, and it’s an excellent, although underutilized, way to save money. We’re sharing our best tips on how to save cash by being a dealmaker.

5 Ways to Haggle Your Way to a Good Deal

  1. Pay with cash. Whenever possible, pay with cash to get the best possible price. Paying with a credit card can incur additional charges. Make sure to let them know that you will use cash, and ask for a discount based on the preferred payment method.


  1. Pay all at once. Instead of making payments, inform them that you will pay the amount due all at one time. Whether you are paying a debt, settling a medical bill, or buying an item, you can often arrange for a discount if you pay in full.
  2. Ask for a better price. It never hurts to ask if they can do better than the listed price. Don’t miss out on savings by being too afraid to ask.
  3. Buy in bulk. Want to save more? Buy more. Tell them you plan to purchase in bulk, and ask what sort of discount they can offer if you do.
  4. Capitalize on potential flaws. When you’re planning to purchase an item, an easy way to negotiate is to get nit-picky. Assess the item, and determine if there are any imperfections or damage. If it’s a floor model, you should automatically get a discount. Are you purchasing a hard-to-sell item? Take advantage of it to get the best possible price.

Negotiating is a great way to bargain your way to a better price. But it’s not the only recommended way to save. Doesn’t Compromise When It Comes to Saving

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Want to learn more about the art of negotiation? Check out our registered retailer Barnes & Noble that has the resources you need to learn all about it. Look for titles such as The Negotiation Fieldbook: Simple Strategies to Help You Negotiate Everything; Secrets of Negotiation; and How to Haggle: Professional Tricks For Saving Money On Just About Anything. Whether you purchase paper books or digital versions, you will have access to the best in savings and selection.

Do you know someone looking for new ways to save? Put them on the path to serious savings by sharing this blog post with them.

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5 Purrfect Tips to Save Money on Cat Care

“There are few things in life more heartwarming than to be welcomed by a cat.”
— Tay Hohoff

Cats make great companions. They provide company and comfort. Cats are relatively easy to take care of and are able to be independent for limited stretches of time. Cats are generally more inexpensive to care for than dogs, but even so, it never hurts to save when it comes to pet care. Today we’re going to discuss some tips designed to help you save when caring for your feline friend.

5 Frugal Ways to Save on Cat Care

  1. Buy cat food in bulk. Buying pet food can be expensive, but if you purchase in larger quantities, you may be able to save money over time. Compare unit prices to get the best deal.
  2. Measure their meals. One benefit of having a cat versus a dog is a cat’s ability to free-feed, which means that you can put out a larger volume of food and the pet will eat as desired over time. Although this is helpful when you are not able to be home for a long period of time, it can lead to wasted food. Whenever possible, you should manually feed at scheduled times, which can reduce your cat’s pet food consumption and cost.
  3. Look for low-cost medical care. Taking good care of your cat can be costly, but there are resources out there that can help you to minimize those expenses. Your city or local animal shelter may offer free or low-cost spay and neuter services. Some clinics specialize in low-cost vaccines.
  4. Be a comparison shopper. Whether you are purchasing food, toys, or medical services for your cat, do your due diligence by checking prices first. Whether you decide to search the sale papers, call around, or use a price comparison app, comparison shopping can save you big money, especially over time. Why should you ever pay more than you have to?
  5. Keep your cat indoors. Because cats generally use a litter box, they are less likely to go outside. This can actually be a blessing for your budget, because it can reduce the likelihood of disease or injury and the expenses related to such calamities. Keeping your cat inside the house can prevent them from getting fleas and ticks, eating harmful substances, or getting hit by a vehicle. Will Make Your Purr With Happiness

Looking for another effective way to save on cat care? Utilize your membership when you purchase supplies for your feline friend. A membership with provides many money-saving benefits, including 10% cash back, free shipping, exclusive coupons and discounts, and a search tool that offers you instant price comparisons on any item sold through our cash-back network of over 1,000 top online retailers.

Get your pet needs filled when you shop They feature a wide selection of cat necessities, including treats, nutritional supplements, remedies, toys, and more. It’s worth noting that is owned and operated by veterinarians, so you can shop with absolute confidence.

Tired of running out of cat food or transporting large, heavy bags of food? Simplify your life when you shop You will find the cat food you require at reasonable prices. Shop the pet food brands you know and trust. Knock one task off your To-Do list when you sign up for’s AutoShip program, which allows you to schedule your cat food deliveries, saving both time and money.

We make it easy to splurge on the pets you love while keeping your budget under control. Stick with, and you’ll save every time you shop online.

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Shopping Savvy: How to Save Money with Online Apps

apps_mainAre you tired of paying more for everything you buy? Did you know that technology can help you to cut costs? The digital age has been invaluable for saving money and improving your financial situation. Once you learn how to use online apps to your advantage, your finances will never be the same.

  • Be a comparison shopper. One of the best ways to save money is to shop around so you can purchase what you want at the best possible price. The Internet makes it easier than ever to do this, but with online apps, you will save time and ensure you’re saving even while on the go. Apps like ShopSavvy Barcode Scanner and RedLaser specialize in comparing prices to help you keep money in your pocket.apps_tag
  • Save for the future. Does your savings account need a boost? Have you been neglecting the need to save for a rainy day? The saying is really true — “There’s an app for that.” Utilize SavedPlus or The Ballpark E$timate to gain access to the tools needed to build and maintain your short and long-term savings.
  • Get your coupon on. Receiving a discount is a great way to save, and online apps can help you to get a discount every time you shop. Try out apps like RetailMeNot, SnipSnap, or The Coupon App to maximize your money-saving power.
  • Keep your finances in order. Did you know you can actually save money by keeping your checkbook balanced and your bills paid? Having a solid grasp on your financial situation can help you to avoid unnecessary fees, spend your money wisely, improve your credit score, and save for the future. Online apps like Mint, BillGuard, FlexScore, and ReadyForZero will put you in control of your money.

Online apps are one of today’s most popular tools and they can be extremely helpful for saving money. But do you know what else can assist you in saving money? We’re going to tell you … Is Designed for Smart Shoppers

Along with online apps, can be a vital resource for spending less. Whenever you shop using your membership, you will get free shipping, exclusive coupons and discounts, and 10% cash back.  Better yet,’s newly updated search tool lets you compare prices on any item sold through the program’s network of over 1,000 top online retailers — instantly.  You can search by category, product, general description — or even by SKU, the stock-keeping unit number that identifies every specific product on the market today.


Need a tablet to access some of the recommended apps? Or maybe you want to do a little reading about how you can save money and improve your financial situation? Either way, Kobo can help. They feature tablets/eReaders to suit a variety of budgets, along with eBooks and eMagazines to provide you with a rich reading experience.

Do you have any favorite online apps that save you money? Do your family and friends a favor and share this blog post.

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